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The Pollyanna Journal

What is a Pollyanna Journal?

This is something I have been planning for some time and is my own version of a cross between a Glad Game and a Gratitude Journal. They are not sold, they are free but not by custom order. Various "competitions" will be held to allow someone to receive one. Any profit from this site goes to charity.

At the bottom of this page is a form which allows you to subscribe to our newsletter which will give you up to date information on the journals,the auctions and the projects.

I chose to call my creations Pollyanna Journals because as those of you
who have read the Pollyanna books will know she played the Glad Game, finding things to be glad about and thankful for.
It teaches you to turn away from the disappointments and problems and focus instead on things that you can be thankful for, or happy about. I see increasing numbers every day of people who could benefit from such an exercise.

My Pollyanna Journals come in different styles and shapes,and involve a lot of time to create; some will come as special sets. Each item is individual, no two are exactly the same but all have the same purpose, that is they are to be used for writing or adding words,quotes etc or perhaps a few photos and mementos .
This is a mental exercise to encourage better attitude and learning to think positive thoughts.
Occasionally one may be sold or auctioned for charity but most will be free or sold for postage costs only.The rest of the value of these RAOKs is then given by me to charity. It is a chance for me to not only help a worthy cause, but to also give something to someone else just because that is what I like to do.
This exercise helps you realise what you do have rather than what you think you should have, and at the same time makes you more aware of others around you who may not be so fortunate.

How do I obtain one ?
A lot of work goes into each of these items, so they will be listed randomly,not by custom orders.Whilst they are created as a gratitude style of journal you are not limited to using them for this. You can use them for any sort of journalling you wish such as inspirational quotes, or diary, trip journal etc. To have the opportunity to get one at no cost,please join the newsletter to be the first to know when one is being given away. Pollyanna Journals is the property of, and products are only available through

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